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"You really have a superior product. I don't think you realize what you have here." RD - Realtor
"I wish inspectors here would do this for my customers. I don't know why all of Colorado is not using you." CM - Out of state realtor on a home they are buying in Colorado.
"Thank you for spending the time with me and explaining everything." BW - Homeowner
"Dear Dan and Julie, I want to take a moment to thank you for doing such a comprehensive inspection for Mark and me. Not only only are you professional, extremely thorough and courteous, I found you both to be simply "Nice" people to be around.I found the entire inspection process to be a whole lot more enjoyable than I had expected! I would just say to anyone looking to hire you two for a home inspection..............CONGRATULATIONS!!!" - Heidi Muheim





Listing Inspections

Listing Inspections help ease tension and lessen conflict on real estate transactions. They also help alleviate a second price negotiation.

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